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We are an owner-operated business for one simple purpose: to offer great customer-oriented cleaning services at affordable prices. We remain competitive by offering the widest possible range of service to fit each customer’s needs while keeping unnecessary overhead to a minimum. We will work with you to develop the cleaning plan that suits you best and then execute it to a guaranteed level of quality – that is the foundation of our business.

Athletic Cleaning Team

While we do guarantee the quality of our work, we do not leave it entirely up to our clients to report mistakes to us. Instead, we regularly perform quality of service inspections ourselves, because we know that when you hire us to clean your home or business you expect the job to be done and done right the first time.

Every member of our team has specific tasks that they are routinely responsible for, to ensure the greatest level of familiarity and experience on their part, and every single team member is always held personally accountable for their own work.

You can trust us to do our jobs to the highest standard, just as you trust us with the access to your home or business. It is our organization that guarantees the work to you the client, but it is our people individually who live up to that guarantee.

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The Athletic Cleaning Team Guarantee

We are so confident in our cleaning services that we guarantee them! If for any reason you are not satisfied please contact us within 48 hours of the appointment and we will send someone out as soon as possible to re-clean any of the areas missed free of charge.

We work for your happiness!